John Hamilton
8808 Swan Hill Road

Louisville, Kentucky 60241


November 20, 2005

Dear Don,

First and foremost, thank you for your friendship.

You have been our property manager and realtor for nearly 20 years. Over the years, our trouble-free business relationship has ripened into friendship.

Our first contact came when I married Jody and you took on the task of renting her former domicile. Later, when the market was right, you sold that property for us. The transaction was as smooth as any sale I have experienced.

Then when we acquired both units of the duplex in which we lived, you helped us by managing the rental of the second unit. For over 10 years, you screened our prospective tenants, collected rent, arranged needed repairs, and made our lives easy.

When my spouse died and I needed to sell our duplex, you took an enormous burden off of me by hiring and supervising the contractors who prepared the property for market. Your astute advice about preparing the property paid off with a sale which was nearly instant and which quite exceeded my expectation on price.

All of that is our business relationship. More important to me is how you and your wife Susan have supported the community. I learned of your service through the news media, but I had no connection to your charity, For Love of Christi, until a mutual friend died and you stepped in to make funeral arrangements for a family in crisis. I was tremendously impressed and thought then, who would have the strength to take on such difficult matters, not for payment, but for love? Now I have been through grief and have been comforted by For Love of Christi and I have learned that your strength comes from your faith.

Don, I have known you long enough to vouch for you to any prospective client. I have relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, but I can be contacted at the address above or by telephone at 502-290-6835.

Best wishes to you and Susan in all your endeavors.



        John Hamilton


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