Since late 1989 you have been helping me deal with real estate issues in Austin.

As I prepared to move my family to Austin to open a branch of my marketing research company there in early 1989 you assisted me first in finding a wonderful home in the original Rob Roy.

Then when my rented offices were taken by AISD through eminent domain you helped me find a suitable office building to purchase as my Austin headquarters to house the focus group and telephone interviewing operations where we had over 500 part-time people employed during the year.

Some years later when we needed to expand beyond that office you assisted me in acquiring an additional office building nearby.

As time passed and my children were off to college, Sharon and I decided to downsize from our over 5,000 square foot home in Rob Roy and you found us a perfect house in Beckett Meadows with a lovely pool and covered patio where we moved in 2000. At the same time, you assisted us with the sale of our Rob Roy property.

Having contemplated retirement for some time prior to the 9/11 event, I quickly moved to retire subsequently. As you know my practice included a large component of travel both domestically and internationally and my clients included American Airlines and Travelocity among others that were dramatically impacted. Not finding a suitable manager for the Austin business, my partner and I decided that I would retire and he would buy my share of the business. At that point you helped me to sell both office buildings making the process easy and profitable.

Since 2001 Sharon & I have been living in Beckett Meadows but contemplating a move back to Boston where Sharon has family. In 2010 our oldest son Max and his wife Myriam moved to Boston to take research positions at Harvard and MIT and we began to look more seriously at a move back. Finding a great little house in Boston we bought it in October 2011 and started the slow process of relocating.

In early May, 2012 we asked you to list our Beckett Meadows house for sale and only a few weeks later you got us a contract which we signed on May 29 and the deal closed in just a month before the end of June and at a price that was much higher than we expected.

As I count it Don, we did a total of 8 real estate transactions over a 23 year period and you just kept making it faster and easier and more profitable!


Jim Heiman


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