3513 Lakeland Drive
Austin, Texas 78731


             Id like to share a few of my impressions of Don Cox with you.  Don and I go back about twenty years or so, to which he helped me buy a residence here. This was the start of a very nice professional and personal relationship, and over the years Don has helped me find several investment properties in Austin and has managed them for me as well.

             I am not a person given to easy praise, by Don really is a stellar fellow.  He has been forthright and completely honest in all of our dealings. Moreover, he is a very decent human being.

             Id like to share one story. Shortly after I bought an investment duplex back in the 1980s, I realized that managing the day to day details was more than I wanted to undertake.  So I called Don and asked him to manage it for me.  One week later, there was a major flood in south Austin in the Onion Creek area.  Don took immediate charge of the massive clean-up project without a hint of complaint and even saw to it that the insurance reimbursement more than covered the flood repairs.

             Don is also quite knowledgeable in matters of real estate and financing and has occasionally offered suggestions or solutions of which I wasnt aware. He does this with in-depth knowledge and grace.

             In an age in which some of the publics least liked persons are used car salesmen, lawyers, and real estate agents, Don stands out as a great exception to those stereotypes.  As Kipling would say, Hes a good man, Gunga Din.



Richard L. Schott, Ph.D.

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